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Here’s how to unblock TV sites, services and apps — so you can stream your favorite content from anywhere. 

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Getting blocked by TV sites, services or apps? If you’ve ever seen a message like “Live stream not available in your area” or “Video not available in your country,” then you’ve been geo-blocked. Other times, the firewall at your job or school may block access to popular TV content to keep you from slacking off. Thankfully there’s an easy way to unblock TV all around the web, from any location. Here’s what to do.

How To Unblock TV Sites & Apps

The best way to unblock TV is to use a VPN. A VPN (virtual private network) encrypts your internet connection, hiding your IP address and physical location. This lets you bypass geo-blocks on TV sites, streaming services and apps, as well as get around any firewalls. Using a VPN is super easy, and you can stream TV at ultra-fast speeds on any device.

Follow these 3 simple steps to unblock TV with a VPN:

    1. Sign up for NordVPN. NordVPN has the fastest streaming speeds and works to unblock virtually every TV site and app, from any location. (Other VPNs will only let you unblock some TV sites, and can slow your connection.)
    2. Download the NordVPN app (you can use NordVPN on up to 6 devices at once).
    3. Connect to a server, then visit your favorite TV sites. As long as you’re connected to NordVPN, you’ll be able to watch videos and live streams on all the best TV sites no matter where you are.

Using a VPN also has other benefits:

  • Secure your connection against scammers and hackers
  • Keep snoops and spies from seeing your personal information
  • Prevent your ISP from throttling your connection
  • Stay anonymous and private on all your web-connected devices
  • Block annoying ads, dangerous malware, and phishing scams

Plus, with a VPN you can unblock websites all across the internet, like Facebook and Pandora.

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Which TV Sites/Channels Can I Unblock?

The good VPNs will let you unblock virtually every TV site, streaming service, and app around the world. Some of the most popular TV sites/channels that geo-block visitors are: Netflix, HBO, Sling TV, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon Video, BBC, ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS.

Some sites are more difficult to unblock than others, so be careful when choosing a VPN. Not all VPNs work to unblock the most popular sites and apps. So you might want to stick with our list of the best VPNs for streaming TV. We regularly test all the VPNs on this list to confirm they give the best speeds and performance with TV sites around the world.

If you’re mostly interested in unblocking Netflix, see our best VPNs for Netflix, or how to unblock US Netflix. If you need to unblock Kodi, check out our best Kodi VPNs.

Why Am I Getting Blocked On TV Sites?

Most of the time, you’re getting geo-blocked by sites. This means they block visitors based on their geographical location.

The reason is that TV channels, and their websites and apps, often have rights agreements based on geography. To abide by these agreements, they want to prevent people from outside an approved location from streaming their content.

For example, the BBC blocks all users outside of the UK from watching their live streams and videos. This is a real shame for US viewers, for example, because the BBC streams a ton of great shows and live sports for free.

As another example, has a great live stream on their website that shows all the same content airing on live TV. However, only people in certain US markets are allowed to watch it. Everyone else gets blocked.

Other times, you might run into blocks put up by your ISP (internet service provider.) For example, ISPs are blocking Kodi TV with increasing regularity. Almost all ISPs throttle Netflix users — meaning they slow your connection to a crawl when you’re trying to stream Netflix, in order to save on bandwidth.

Finally, your workplace or institution might have firewalls in place blocking you from popular TV sites. This is an attempt to limit the amount of time you spend not working or studying.

Unblock TV For Free

Again, TV sites go to a lot of trouble to restrict their content based on visitors’ locations, using advanced technology to keep people blocked. VPNs have even better technology, and can therefore overcome the barriers sites put up. Less advanced methods of unblocking, like web proxies, usually don’t work well to unblock TV, and are typically too slow to support streaming.

Nonetheless, if you’re on a tight budget you can give a free web proxy a try. Just don’t expect to be able to unblock the most popular sites.

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