Best VPNs For Amazon Fire Stick

Access Any App On Fire TV Stick • Stay Secure

 Instant access to your favorite apps & add-ons on Fire Stick
 Super fast speeds for seamless streaming
 Stay secure & anonymous
 Use Kodi on Fire TV/Stick
 No throttling and unlimited bandwidth
 Great deals and money-back guarantees

Best VPNs Fire TV Stick
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Blazing speeds. Maximum security. Unblock all apps. 24/7 support. The best VPN for Fire TV/Stick!

Super-fast streaming speeds and the best performance with Fire TV Stick
Dedicated Fire Stick app for fast, simple set-up
Works with all apps and add-ons
Best for using Kodi on Fire Stick
 Military-grade security, and rock-solid reliability
 Stream Netflix at super-fast speeds
Unblock content in 90+ countries
 30-day money-back guarantee

Over 500 people have picked ExpressVPN today!

Save 36%

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9.8 Visit ExpressVPN

Review Rating

Excellent speeds on Fire TV/Stick. Solid performance & uptime.

 Great for streaming at ultra-fast speeds
 Use Kodi, Netflix, and all the best apps & add-ons
 Unblock content in 70+ countries
30-day money-back guarantee

Save 66%

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9.1 Visit NordVPN

Review Rating

Dedicated Fire TV/Stick app. Fast & secure.

 Unblock content in 60+ countries
7-day money-back guarantee

Save 46%

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9.0 Visit IPVanish

Review Rating

Great performance and reliability. Unique apps with first-party DNS servers.

 Unblock content in 30+ countries
30-day money-back guarantee

Save 72%

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8.8 Visit CyberGhost

Review Rating

Great privacy protection with solid speed.

 Unblock content in 25+ countries
14-day money-back guarantee

Save 35%

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8.4 Visit

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Top-notch security features. 24/7 live support.

 Unblock content in 30+ countries
30-day money-back guarantee

Save 73%

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8.3 Visit SaferVPN

Review Rating

Extra security features to bypass web censors. NAT firewall.

 Unblock content in 60+ countries
30-day money-back guarantee

Save 50%

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8.0 Visit VyprVPN

Use Fire TV Stick With A VPN In 3 Easy Steps


Sign up for a money-back trial of a trusted VPN (like any of the above).


Download the VPN app for your device(s) and connect to any server.


Use Fire TV/Stick with no restrictions, safely and privately. Enjoy your favorite apps and add-ons on Fire Stick!

Why Use A VPN With Amazon Fire Stick?

Using a VPN with Fire TV/Stick has many benefits. Some of the main reasons to use a VPN with Fire Stick are:

  • To access your favorite apps on Fire Stick with no restrictions — like Kodi, Netflix, HBO, and many more
  • To prevent your ISP or other watchdogs from tracking and monitoring your streaming activities.
  • To prevent hackers from accessing your personal information.
  • To access Kodi add-ons and content sources.
  • To unblock geo-restricted add-ons and watch content from any source/channel.
  • To prevent ISP throttling.

Why Are These The Best VPNs For Fire Stick?

We conduct regular, comprehensive tests on all the VPN services we feature on VPN TV. Every VPN in the chart above has been recently tested as working with Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick to unblock apps and add-ons, and keep you private and secure.

For a VPN to be ranked as one of the best VPNs for Fire Stick, it must excel in a number of critical areas. One of the most important factors is speed. A top Fire Stick VPN must consistently deliver blazingly fast speeds — with no dropped connections, lags, or annoying delays. Another key metric is access to restricted apps and add-ons. All the VPNs above will let you use your favorite apps on Fire TV/Stick with no restrictions.

We also factor in the overall quality of the service, and the VPN’s performance in other areas, since you’ll probably want to use it with other devices besides just Fire Stick. We look at security features, privacy, compatibility with devices, and customer support.

In the summaries below, you can learn more bout why a VPN has earned a place on our best VPNs for streaming list. You can also read the full review of any or all of the VPNs above for even more details.

ExpressVPN screenshots

ExpressVPN: 9.8, Excellent

ExpressVPN continually tests as the #1 VPN for Fire TV/Stick. ExpressVPN performs a cut above the competition in every area. Its native app for Fire TV/Stick is excellent and makes ExpressVPN the easiest VPN to use with Fire Stick.

ExpressVPN’s lightning speeds, rock-solid performance, outstanding reliability, and worldwide server network are exactly what every TV fan needs in a VPN for Fire Stick. With ExpressVPN, you can use all your favorite apps and add-ons on Fire Stick, including Kodi. It’s also one of the easiest VPNs to set up and use, and has great apps that work flawlessly.

In our speed testing, ExpressVPN blazed past the competition (yes, even the higher-priced ones) with speeds that were reliably the fastest in server locations across the globe. For anyone looking to use a VPN for streaming TV on Fire Stick, this is a critical factor.

ExpressVPN’s military-grade security and privacy features will also keep you completely safe and private. This is extremely important if you stream content from certain sources that may be insecure.

Bottom line: ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming at super-fast speeds, no matter where you are or what you want to watch. Its speed, reliability, and overall performance are top-of-the-class — and that great price makes choosing this VPN a no-brainer.

NordVPN: 9.1, Very Good

NordVPN offers great speeds, performance, and overall quality of service for streaming. NordVPN usually tests as our #1 VPN, as it’s a premium service available for a steal of a deal.

However, for Fire Stick, NordVPN doesn’t claim the top spot because there’s no native Fire TV/Stick app available. That means you need to install NordVPN on your router, or share the connection from your PC, to use it with Fire Stick. Some beginners may find that set-up to be tricky. But if that’s not a problem for you, then NordVPN easily beats ExpressVPN as the best VPN for Fire Stick. It’s every bit as fast — faster, actually, in our tests — and has all the features you’ll want for a fraction of the price.

NordVPN is an all-around outstanding VPN. It will unblock your favorite apps and add-ons on Fire Stick. Its speeds and reliability are excellent.

NordVPN’s security and privacy features will also keep you safe and protect your personal information when using any app to stream TV. NordVPN works great with Kodi, delivering the fastest streaming speeds and maximum privacy.

NordVPN screenshots
IPVanish screenshots

IPVanish: 9.0, Very Good

IPVanish has a strong reputation with Fire Stick users, and for a good reason. IPVanish unblocks restricted apps throughout its vast network of server locations with an overall great performance. Where IPVanish falls short is its user-friendliness. It also is not as fast as some competitors, like NordVPN.

IPVanish will let you stream live TV and videos on Fire Stick from a wide range of popular sources. Its security measures will satisfy any casual or dedicated streamer who needs an extra layer of protection.

While beginners will find IPVanish to be a bit difficult to learn, experienced VPN users will appreciate the many different settings options available.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I watch more stuff on Fire Stick with a VPN?

Yes. With a VPN, you can access some extremely popular apps on Fire Stick that are otherwise blocked or restricted. For example, you can use Kodi and all Kodi add-ons on Fire Stick when you also use a VPN. You can also unblock Netflix in different regions around the world, making your Netflix library explode with new shows and movies. Fire Stick becomes the ultimate TV streaming device when paired with a VPN!

What else can I do with a VPN?

A bunch of things, actually. VPNs are very handy and versatile tools. To name a few other uses for VPNs, you can use it to:

Avoid geographical restrictions on websites, apps, and online services
Block annoying online ads and dangerous malware
Prevent tracking and monitoring of your activities online
Secure your connection on public WiFi, or any time you use the web
Prevent your ISP from throttling (slowing down) your internet connection
Keep websites from tracking you